Kauai Fishing Charters and Direct Booking Rates*:

  • 4 Hour Private: $600 (1 to 6 passengers)
  • 6 Hour Private: $800 (1 to 6 passengers)
  • 8 Hour Private: $1050 (1 to 6 passengers)
  • 4 Hour Shared (4 to 6 passengers): $150/person
  • Please note that we need a minimum of 4 passengers to offer a shared charter.
  • * 7.166% harbor and general excise taxes are applied to all rates.

  • And unlike some other charters,
  • Kainalu Fishing’s Cancellation Policy
  • Kainalu Fishing asks for a credit card to hold your reservation.  No charges will be made on this card until after your scheduled charter.  Once your charter is complete, you have the option to pay with that card, cash or with a different credit card. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your charter, please let us know as soon as possible.  All cancellations made less than 36 hours in advance of your scheduled trip will be charged the full amount.  Of course if Kainalu Fishing needs to cancel the charter, your card will not be charged.