1. Where do we launch?

A- Kainalu’s Kauai deep sea fishing charters typically launch from the Kapaa Small Boat Harbor conveniently located on the East Side of Kauai between the South Shore and the North Shore. The harbor is on Kaloloku Road off of Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56) at the start of the beautiful Kauai Multi-Use Path which runs along the ocean. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

2. What should I expect to catch?

A- Depending on the season, Kainalu Kauai Fishing may catch yellow fin tuna, skip jack tuna, marlin, ono (wahoo), and mahi mahi.

3. What happens to the fish we catch?

A- Kainalu Kauai Fishing is proud to SHARE THE CATCH! The captain will give you some filets of the fresh fish to enjoy. We can also share recipes. We sell the excess catch to offset operating costs to keep our charter prices affordable for you.

4. What do I wear?

A- You can get wet while fishing on Kauai. Please wear clothes that you can get wet in. Examples: Wear board shorts or shorts that you can get wet…… A light wind breaker/jacket. If rain’s expected, we suggest you bring light rain gear. We have disposable ponchos, if you forget your rain gear. Appropriate shoes should be worn. No rubber flip flops. Keep in mind the deck can get wet. Bare foot is acceptable.

5. Do I need sunscreen?

A- Yes. ¬†Please have sunscreen, we suggest at least a 15SPF but it’s up to you to know the appropriate blockage you need.Cloudy days may be deceptive and we suggest that even with an overcast that you are prepared with proper protection. We also suggest having dark sunglasses

6. What do I do to prevent motion sickness?

A- You might consider taking an over-the-counter motion sickness medicine an hour before departure. Of course consult with your physician first.

7. Should I eat before the charter?

A- We suggest that you eat a light meal that is free of heavy oils or greasy foods.

8. Can I bring electronic devices?

A- We cannot guarantee that your devices will not get wet and ruined. You can bring cameras etc… but please be aware of the risk of salt water splashing on equipment.

9. What food or beverage do I bring?

A- You are allowed to bring any snacks of choice. However Kainalu Kauai Fishing provides water, soda, juice, and snacks. Kainalu Kauai Fishing does not provide alcohol, but you may bring your own beer. Hard liquor is not allowed on the charter. Your safety is our concern, therefore we ask that you drink in moderation.

10. How many people can be chartered at a time?

A- The boat is licensed to operate with 6 paying passengers at a time. We offer 4 and 8 hour charters. 4 is a half day and 8 is a full-day charter.

Kainalu Kauai Fishing provides flotation devices, first aid kits. We do not recommend children under the age of 7, 2nd or 3rd trimester pregnant women, people with back problems, or medical ailments without doctor approval.